8 Secrets To Become A Perfect Motivational Speaker

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Today, we have several motivational speakers from across the globe. Some have opted for public speaking to share their life experiences and inspire people, while others are just passionate about it. If you too are interested in becoming a motivational speaker or have just started the journey of motivating people, here are some secrets to become successful in your field.

Learn About Your Target Audience

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You need to know the group of people you will be delivering your speeches to. As each group will require you to reach it in a specific way, you first need to categorize these groups before you start writing your speeches. If you don’t know what your target audience is, you will not be able to deliver highly relevant speeches.

Choose An Appropriate Venue

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As a motivational speaker, you will want to connect to as many people as you can. For that, you need an appropriate venue where you can accommodate all those people at a time. So, look for a good venue that will help you build a better connection with others while allowing people to feel comfortable. 

Prepare For The Stage Presence

A stack of flyers on a table

It goes without saying that not everyone has the confidence to speak in front of several people. Even the greatest speakers have gone through the feeling of anxiety or nervousness at the start of their careers. So, you need to overcome the stage fright so as to pave your way to success. The best way to do that is to write your speech on paper and practice it in front of a group of friends. You can also master the art of public speaking by recording your speeches, watching them over and again, and correcting yourself in areas you think you need to. For instance – if you think you haven’t made enough eye contact with the audience, you can work on that.

Choose Your Mentor 

No matter how good you are at speaking in the public, you need a mentor to deliver the best speeches. Especially if you are a novice in the field, you need to listen to some great speakers to do everything rightly. Follow successful motivational speakers on social platforms and watch their videos to see how they are doing it. You can also attend live speeches of your favorite speakers to get inspired. 

Don’t Try To Preach

No matter how passionate you are about putting forth your thoughts, never try to preach. People hate dogmatic people who try to force their opinions in a way to make them look like facts. So, instead of preaching, try to guide or coach others and let them come to the conclusion themselves. This way, you will become a good motivational speaker and not a stubborn preacher!

Be Unique & Advertise Your Skills

Competition is everywhere and public speaking is of no exception. As there are many eminent speakers out there, you will have to stand out somehow to establish yourself. Be a unique speaker and try to advertise your skills through word of mouth promotion as well as social media. Try to contact NGOs and community centers and deliver free speeches. Once people start listening to you enthusiastically, your popularity is sure to increase sooner or later.

Listen To Your Audience

Your audience feedback matters a lot. Get to know what your audience wants to say about your speeches and make changes accordingly. You can create polls and ask people to vote so that you can eventually know how they perceived your speeches.

Get Certified

Take a professional certification course in the field to become a certified motivational speaker. This will make you recognizable and skillful. Not to mention, people will see you as a professional speaker who is committed to delivering the best.

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