A Layman Guide On How To Be A Motivational Speaker Who Can Leave A Positive Mark On Public

how to be a motivational speaker

Motivational speakers share powerful lessons and wisdom they learned from their life experiences for the benefit of others. In simple words, a motivational speaker is a professional who delivers speeches that inspire and motivate people in the audience. How great is, isn’t it? With rising career opportunities and the need for motivation among the public due to the depressing lifestyle, many people’s burning question is how to be a motivational speaker.

Are you one of them? Are you a student or an executive, or unemployed person, or anyone who wants to break away from life’s routine and choose an offbeat path for speaking to audiences worldwide? Do you have a story to tell that others would pay to listen to? Is being a “motivational speaker” your next career opportunity? Then you are in the right place. We give a complete guide to begin the journey of how to be a motivational speaker.

Stepwise Guidance On How To Be A Motivational Speaker


Start With A Subject You Know Well


If a particular subject is not essential to you and you don’t have a passion for that, you will have difficulty convincing other people. If you are confused about this, start with a list of subjects you know and love. So the first step on how to be a motivational speaker is to have expert-level knowledge in the topic; it adds to your content and credibility.

Develop Unique Content

The public always craves new ideas so try to present your content uniquely. Showcase your content on social media to attract your target audience.

Understand Your Target Audience

It is crucial to connect with your audience. Focus on better communicating with the most engaged audience members. Also, try to create frequent content that resonates with your audience.

Gauge Public Interest

Regularly show up on social platforms. Write blogs, original quotes, and collaborate with influencers on social media platforms. You can also write ebooks or graphics to deliver your message better.

Develop Public Speaking Skills

Probably the most challenging part of how to be a motivational speaker is to deliver excellent content, too, in a way that gets people excited. Excellent Public speaking is vital to be a motivational speaker. Consider joining a public speaking group, hiring a mentor, or taking a public speaking course.

Start For Free

Once you have begun to understand the process of how to be a motivational speaker, start offering free speaking engagements to local schools and organizations you think would benefit from your message.

Invest In Marketing

Don’t hesitate to invest in marketing tools. Use your contacts from family and friends that you’re actively booking speaking engagements.

Apply For Speaking Gigs

Understanding the power of networking is crucial in how to become a motivational speaker. Word of mouth is free and can create a strong network and outstanding opportunities in the future. Research about the speakers who speak about similar subjects, Get the names of event organizers and contact speaker bureaus to help you find high-paying engagements.

Skills For How To Be A Motivational Speaker

The journey to becoming a motivational speaker is not a matter of an hour or day; it takes time, effort, practice, and commitment. Having specific skills is an essential part of being a motivational speaker, so your skills may need refinement. Following is the list of skills.




Clear articulation

Engaging presentation






Time management


You can’t just become a motivational speaker by just quitting your job or speaking in public. You need to learn how to be a motivational speaker, not only a public speaker. Many speakers like professional speakers and Industry speakers get paid to speak in front of an audience or Subject matter experts who share valuable information on specific subjects.

Inspirational speakers mostly share emotions and their life stories, but they are not motivational speakers. To understand how to be a motivational speaker, you have to be all of the speakers mentioned above, develop the necessary skills, and follow stepwise guidance.

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