All about Self-Help Books

The authors of these self-help books do not have to be professionals, just people who have experienced similar things that the reader has experienced and want to share their experience with others.

Few Self-help books are listed below:

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

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The self-help book “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living” is about how to live your life with less stress. This self-help book is not the usual one that talks about how to get rid of anxieties or problems in life, but it talks about how to think differently and make yourself stop worrying so much about everything, which will cause you to enjoy life more.

This book was written by Dale Carnegie who has experienced similar situations before. He wrote this book to give people hope and confidence in their abilities because he knows how it feels to be uneasy about everything around you.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

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The purpose of the self-help book “The Power Of Positive Thinking” is to teach readers that they have a choice over their own thoughts and feelings. It was written by Norman Vincent Peale who had the experience of being suicidal and how it felt to be that way. The purpose of this book was to inspire people to stop feeling so low about themselves, because he knows what you are thinking, feeling, seeing, and experiencing when you feel like committing suicide.

This book is also made up of different theories or ideas presented in a certain manner so that readers can understand them better. This book is the beginner’s guide to understanding these ideas and theories.

It helps readers understand how to use their minds for creating what they want to happen in their lives instead of focusing on things that will bring them down. The key idea behind this book is “positive thinking,” which means that you can achieve what you want if you think positively about it.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

The author of the self-help book “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway” was Susan Jeffers, who has faced numerous problems in life and also knows what its like to be afraid to take a step forward when there is something that could possibly go wrong. She understands how it feels to be afraid of taking risks and living a normal, happy life.

The purpose of the book is for readers to understand that fear is there to keep them from going forward into something they are not familiar with, but if you always let it control you then you will never achieve anything in your life.


These books can also provide readers with reminders, inspiration, motivation, and empower readers by providing them with the information they need in order to change their situation in life. Self-help books are written to offer help for people who have experienced hardships or abuse or are having problems in life.

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