Can A Funny Motivational Speaker Affect Change

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A funny motivational speaker can be a great asset for any business meeting, conference or even a company party. This type of person can give inspiration and tips for different aspects of management. He or she may be able to show the employees how they can work together for the benefit of the company. He or she may be able to use humor to break down problems. There are a number of reasons why a business might want to consider hiring a funny speaker.

You Can Feel Better

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Motivational speakers inspire or persuade people to feel better about themselves in order to hopefully change the behavior of others. These types of speakers are either well known, popular public personalities or groups who employ humorous and inspiring techniques to convey their message. Some use humor as a diversion, and some are just plain goofy, but humorous motivational speakers can help the business community to make a difference by changing the way people see their business. The best of them know how to come off as genuine while still being in tune with the needs of the audience.

It is not uncommon to find a business owner inviting a funny motivational speaker to come to his or her open mic night. Open mic nights allow everyone, especially young entrepreneurs, the opportunity to become acquainted with another artist. The more comfortable they are with another artist, the easier it becomes for them to be themselves. Open mic nights give audiences an opportunity to see a variety of artists and allow them to discover something new and exciting each time they attend. If a business owner wants his or her employees to feel good and be successful, inviting a funny, open mic night will definitely accomplish that goal.

Beneficial For A Business

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It can also be beneficial for a business owner to hire a funny motivational speaker. One of the most effective ways to relieve the stress of a tense situation is laughter. Laughter is often a great stress reducer. A keynote speaker can take that moment when everyone is in a good mood and highlight the importance of laughter to a healthy, productive workplace. Humor is a powerful healer.

Lighten The Load

A funny motivational speaker will be able to lighten the load of tense moments that arise from difficult projects or problems facing an organization. If the audience members are too uptight and anxious, sometimes even the best intentions can go awry. By introducing humor, the speaker can help relieve their frazzled nerves and allow the audience members a chance to relax. He or she will be able to show funny anecdotes that make the audience members laugh and forget about their problems for a few minutes.

Final Words

In order to be a funny motivational speaker, a comedian would need to realize that there is no easy way to get audiences to laugh. It is always necessary to first break through the walls of their defenses. This is done through careful selection of jokes that tickle the funny bone of the target audience. Audiences do not have a lot of facial expression room so it is important for the funny motivational speaker to know where to target his wit.

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