Choosing Good Public Speaking Motivational Speech Topics

motivational speech topics

Many people have given presentations on motivational speech topics related to science and technology, but how many will give you advice on what to write? It is a tough question when you don’t know the answer but I am certain that some of the questions are going to pop up in your head. You have to be prepared for it. I have some tips that can help you prepare for a presentation on such topics. One of the things that makes a speech impressive is the knowledge with which it is delivered. If you cannot really say all that you want to say, don’t worry about it, because the audience can figure it out with ease.

Know Audience

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The first thing you have to keep in mind while preparing motivational speech topics is the audience. Is the audience a group of scientists or technicians, or will they be general people? Once you are sure of the audience you will be more successful in delivering the right information to them. If you are giving a speech to students, the audience should have some knowledge about technology but not so much that they think you are an engineer.

The second thing you need to take into consideration is the motivation of your audience. For students, the motivation might be related to achieving higher grades or becoming popular in school. For general people, the motivation might be connected to reaching their goals, coming across with someone who can motivate them to achieve something more, improving their personal life and so on.

Be Specific

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The third thing that you will have to consider is the specific motivational speech topics that you are supposed to use. There are plenty of ways to create a motivational speech. You can talk about your own personal experiences, talking about famous quotes, or organizing yourself in an inspiring sequence. There are even ways that you can combine these three things to create a better overall message.

Regardless of how you choose to express your motivational speech topics, you should make sure that they are easy to understand. There are some speeches that end up boring people and making them feel really sad. It is advisable to read your speech out loud and to check your spelling and grammar. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can get help from professional public speakers such as professors.

Own Experiences

When choosing good public speaking speech topics, it is also important to consider the interest and personality of the audience. If you want to motivate students, your topics should be based on their educational courses. If you want to inspire lay people, your topics should involve stories. Make sure that you make your topics as varied as possible so that listeners will feel that you are able to speak to different types of people. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to include humor in your speech as well.

You shouldn’t only base your motivational speech topics on your own experience. Remember that you are also giving it to an audience, which means that it should be something that can resonate with at least one person in the audience. For example, if you are giving a speech about overcoming social media challenges, you have to know the challenges that your audience is going through in order to be able to relate to them. Also, keep in mind that people are more likely to listen to motivational speech topics that they can relate with. So if you want to motivate students, talk to them about their experiences in school or in their daily lives.


No matter how you choose to express your motivational speech topics, you should remember to stay true to your topic and keep your audience in mind at all times. Even if you might have to use a quote from a famous book or movie, always think of it as if you were talking to your own classmates. The most important thing is that your audience will learn something from your speech – so make sure you always remember to do this!

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