Famous Motivational Quotes From Mahatma Gandhi And Joeowera

famous motivational quotes

There are many famous motivational quotes by unknown authors that have impacted our lives. Mahatma Gandhi is the most famous one. Other than this, you will find famous quotes from Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Theresa. They are the people who changed the world by speaking out and taking bold steps to right some of the wrongdoings in their respective nations and the world. They inspired masses to believe in themselves and reach beyond themselves to reach for greatness.

Mark Twain Quote


The famous Mark Twain quote, “I had a dream, and that dream has never died.” This is often attributed to American writer Mark Twain, who is probably one of the most quoted authors in humanity’s history. The reason why it is attributed to Twain is not that he said it. It was more likely inspired by the Indian author Rabindranath Tagore, who is said to have quoted it. However, Twain never gave any credit to this quote.

Heller Keller


Other famous motivational quotes by unknown authors are from the life of renowned British author Helen Keller. She, too, had great dreams but always turned them into reality. She ended up becoming a world-famous writer. In one of her most famous books, “How I Live Now,” she frequently talks about her dreams, but she never mentions either herself or her father ever being in a dream.

When it comes to famous quotations by famous authors and non-famous authors alike, you will find a common theme. The common theme is hard work. Everybody has to put in hard work whether he realizes it or not. No matter how famous or non-famous a person is, no matter how rich he may be, if he does not put in the necessary hard work, then he will never achieve success in any endeavor he tries.

Maya Angelou

In her famous book “What’s My Deal” by Maya Angelou, the author talks about not giving up. She acknowledges that there are things that you cannot change, and even though you may feel you are a failure, sometimes things do go your way. She also acknowledges that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. The former First Lady wrote these words of the United States, and it may have been written by the famous author Roosevelt. However, Roosevelt never added the word “mistake” in his famous quote.

When it comes to famous motivational quotes by famous people, the famous ones you may have heard repeatedly by people such as Norman Vincent Peale and Albert Einstein are all quotes that aim to teach us to face our fears by facing our fears. There is a saying by a man named W. Clement Stone that says, “A thing truly great or beautiful that fails to meet its purpose loses its soul.” Stone said it as a motivational lesson to those who wish to make a great impression on everyone they meet. It is a quote that is often quoted by famous people to help them inspire them to reach their goals.

Quote Of Albert Einstein

Another great quote is from the movie “The Secret.” In the movie, Joeowera tells Henry what he should do every time he faces a challenge. According to this famous quote, the man should not let himself be defeated by fear every time. Albert Einstein also had a famous quote that says, “I must overcome my fears to succeed.” Both of these famous men never let go of their dreams, and they always persevered until they achieved their goals.

Final Words

When it comes to inspiring others, these two famous men are not far behind. Both of them have inspirational quotes that can easily be put into action to help other people live their dreams. What is important is to identify what keeps you awake each morning with that nervous feeling that prevents you from living the life you want to live. Once you know what makes you tick, then you can figure out how to make your life a living hell that you want to wake up to every morning.

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