Famous Short Motivational Quotes From Unknown Writers To Boost Up Your Confidence

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He would give us brief motivational quotes. And then point to something in our behavior or situation that we were doing or not doing that had contributed to the situation we were in. He said, “People don’t want to hear anything else but how great you are.” I have never seen him upset or angry.

And I do not mean to pick on the great teacher, only because he was very kind and probably helped thousands of kids as he hustled his way up through life. I am referring to the part of life where you have dreams, hopes, and aspirations and you go about trying to make those dreams a reality even if you are constantly pushed back down by life’s inevitable obstacles. Those obstacles may be people, circumstances, or conditions, but they push you down. And you, along with all of us, must hustle and push ourselves to move on. So, how much more special can a quote or a piece of inspirational text be than when you hear it by someone who was able to truly experience the joy of having their dreams come true?

Easily Found Everywhere

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Short motivational quotes of this sort can be found all over the place. The most famous is probably “itudes are forever” by Helen Keller. I first read that when I was a teenager and my friends were going out to a club to meet some new friends. Their speaker was going to say something about “the unknown”.

As we waited for our turn to speak, we all looked at our palms and wondered if any of us were “the unknown”. Of course there were other unknowns such as who we’d sleep with, where we’d live, what we’d do for a living, and so forth. But for the most part, “the unknown” referred to the unfulfilled dreams and aspirations of others. Helen Keller repeatedly expresses the importance of not letting these things “absent you”. You know deep down inside that it is always you that must make yourself a full human being, and you can make that happen because you are “the unknown.”

A good place to find many famous short motivational quotes like the one from Helen Keller is the internet. She quotes one of her favorite lines, “intsense is never dull”. I don’t know whether she means to say it should be boring, but if so, it certainly comes off that way. There are many famous people that will say, “intsense is never dull”, and you’ll almost always recognize them. They are people like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, and a few others. All of these people have something in common; they are all giants in their own field.

You might also look to famous authors who wrote famous books that are relevant to your work and career. Authors such as Charles Dickens, Mario Puzo, Maya Angelou, and Mark Twain are all well-known, inspirational speakers. It just may be that you need to find more famous short motivational quotes to add to your arsenal of self-confidence.

Finding unknown short motivational quotes online is not difficult. You can easily type in “unknown author quotes” or “book title quotes” into Google and find many more to enjoy. You might want to bookmark these or post them on your blog or website so you can access them at a later time. You never know when you might need them and having them available at a moment’s notice will definitely make you feel more comfortable and more confident about yourself and your future.

Summing U

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Some people will say famous quotes by unknown writers just to put you off thinking of your own set of quotes to use, especially if you are feeling down. However, the famous words of Mark Twain and Albert Einstein give us hope. These great men did not let life bring them down and they did not give up. They faced problems and hurdles but always found a way to get through to the other side. Your problems might not be as large as others, but it can still bring you down and you need to find a way to get over them. Famous short motivational quotes from famous people such as Mark Twain and Albert Einstein will help you do just that.

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