Farley Mittens and Their Farley Steelers Speakers

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Farley Mitt is a popular name in the Pittsburgh area for professional speakers. You may be wondering why anyone would hire a speaker from Farley Mitt. Farley Mitt is known for being a fun, up-and-coming comedian in the Pittsburgh area. But what they say that you must know about Farley Mitt isn’t exactly something that’s funny.

Farley Mitt is a rising star in the comedy world. In fact, they are now on tour in England. If you have a chance to see them there, you must know that you won’t be leaving the theater laughing. There is some pretty heavy material in their act that will test your ability to stay up all night.

Some of it is even funnier than that! The Farley Mitt comedy tour makes use of some extremely offensive and insensitive material. They have performances that include crude jokes about handicapped people, pedophiles, Jews, and even the Catholic Church. I don’t think any of their acts are safe for an adult to watch.

An Overview

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What does that mean to the business community? Well, this is a guy who is making millions of dollars performing right next door at comedy clubs around the country. Do you really think he has a soft spot for those who try to offend others? And do you really think he gives a flying fiddle for anyone who will be offended by his acts?

It seems that if you offend just a little bit, someone out there will be offended. In other words, Farley Mittens is perfectly willing to hire anyone who will tell a joke that they would find offensive. And that includes sitting down for a meeting or speaking to any business group in the country.

Why would any business want to hire someone with such a track record of offending others? Especially after all, the economy is not that hot and we know there are no jobs. So why take the risk? I’m thinking it’s a very big one and we are seeing Farley Mittens turns away future business partners as they understand that the joke is on them.

Is this the right thing to do? I’m thinking that if we are in business we have to be able to say what we want to say and we should be able to say it. Otherwise we are disrespecting our clients and we are showing a lack of professionalism. I just don’t see how this is helping any business.

The Facts You Need To Know


The Pittsburgh businessmen must stop making fools out of themselves and realize that their company is not at stake here. The Farley Mittens company may be small but they are still a powerhouse in entertainment. So Farley Pittsburgh speakers are not doing anything to jeopardize that.

Is it possible to have too much wisdom for your customers or too much experience for your guests? I don’t know about you but I am tired of being talked down to. We live in a world where people are constantly trying to impress each other. So what’s the deal? When will smart guy speak for himself and let the real people deal with their own problems?

Not long ago Farley Mittens decided to give away more than one hundred thousand dollars in speaking fees. If these speakers are so great why not give everyone that comes through the doors free tickets to go to any of their future business events? Everyone would love to hear what Mr. Mittens has to say.

In The End

The Farley Mittens company also released a statement saying “The speakers at our events represent the most prestigious company in our company’s history. They come from a long list of industry leaders who have helped create thousands of jobs in the United States and around the world.” This company knows what it is doing and we believe in what it is doing. If you have a chance why not review Farley Mittens and their line of speakers.

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