Graduation Quotes: Inspire The Next Generation

Graduation Quotes

There are so many options when it comes to giving out graduation quotes. The Internet is a goldmine for inspirational quotes, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out what to say to that special someone. Here are 45 graduation quotes that will inspire the next generation to “be courageous, be bold, be who you are.”

Graduation Speech

Greetings to your friends and family, “Grievances don’t last forever, you graduate, and it’ll all be over soon.” You’ll be glad you wrote this graduation speech when those graduations start. Now you’ve selected the perfect graduation present (or, better yet, picked up the check for it) and planned a celebratory party (if it is a virtual one) fitting the person you love. And the most exciting thing about the moment is just around the corner: graduations are fast approaching!

Inspirational Quotes For Graduation
Graduation Quotes: Inspire The Next Generation

Albert Einstein

“Graduations are fun! Even though you have a lot of pressure to succeed in your chosen field, you will not fail!” – Albert Einstein
“I don’t fear change, I embrace it,” says Mary Lou Ford; “you are the only one who can make your life’s big day successful.

First Day Of Graduations

“A little planning goes a long way,” says the quote inscribed on the plaque outside the gates of the National Cathedral on the first day of graduations. Graduations are no different, they are simply the culmination of years of effort and planning, and you need to make sure that each person attending you is given his/her due.

Inspiring Quote: Graduation Quotes

“Good news is never bad news,” says this inspiring quote, which is a reminder that all good things come to those who wait. If your child is graduating from college, give them the best graduation gift possible. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something that will always remind them of their achievement.

Famous Photographer

“Graduation is a rite of passage, like coming home from school,” says this quote by the famous photographer Michael Jordan. He also said that he wished that he could have graduated before his son, and now he is in the same situation as him. His son is a basketball star, while he is still taking care of his father’s responsibilities. The lessons he has learned from his father will guide his own life as a professional athlete.

Gift Of Laughter

“The best gift you can give your child is a gift of laughter,” says this quote by the famous singer Patti LaBelle. If you’re finding the right gift for your child, the laughter is definitely in the bag – “A smile can do miracles.”
“The most difficult thing about college graduation is having a great time!

Compliments: Graduation Quotes

And when it comes to having a great time, there’s nothing more important than giving compliments!” says this humorous quote by actress Bette Midler. If you want to give your child the kind of life they deserve, remember this classic saying and try to say it when your child receives a high-fiving from a crowd or another child.

Mel Gibson: Graduation Quotes

“Go with the flow, don’t follow the crowd, be the true student,” says this quote by actor Mel Gibson. He also said that to be a true student, you have to be “an actor first, a dancer second, and a writer third.”

Perfect Graduation Quotes
Graduation Quotes: Inspire The Next Generation


“Life is a wonderful place, filled with many joys and sorrows.” says this quote by an unknown person, probably the most important of all the graduation quotes, who said that it was a good day to be alive.
Moreover, if you’re planning your kid’s high school reunion, this will make a perfect quote engraved on the school’s walls.

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