Great Motivational Books For Self-Improvement that you can Buy Online

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The simple habit of reading has always been given a lot of weightage by established entrepreneurs, business tycoons and CEOs. Many of them credit their success to reading motivational books. According to these successful people, if you could even extract one good idea from these books, then reading them was worth your time. 

Books have the immense power of stimulating your creativity and opening up new horizons of thought. Books help entrepreneurs come up with their next great idea. An entrepreneur never stops learning and one of the most important means of learning is via books. You get to gain knowledge and also implement it in your real life. Books can be your best friend if you make the right pick and to help you do that, here we have a list of great motivational books that you must read in 2021 to help you increase your productivity and implement new ideas. 

The Convenience Revolution by Shep Hyken 

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This book revolves around the idea on how to deliver a customer service experience that creates fierce loyalty and also disrupts competition. The simple idea of how customers pay for convenience is explained in this book. It cites examples on how customers prefer to pay a little more for a can of coca cola stocked in their hotel mini-bar, than going down to road finding a vending machine. The hotel minibar prevents them from leaving the comfort of their hotel rooms and it undoubtedly outweighs the pricing surge. 

Read this book to get new ideas to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This book showcases six compelling strategies and some easy to understand examples and case studies, which help you kick start your new plan based on customer’s convenience.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

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The founder and board chairman of Nike, delivers a beautiful memoir in the Shoe Dog. In this book, he shares a story of how he took a small loan of $50 from his dad and built a sportswear brand that is today doing gross annual sales of $30 billion.

A great read, this book is one of the best book for a startup entrepreneur who takes an unconventional path and builds his own company. He explains how he overcome hardships and adversities and succeeded in pursuing his dream. 

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

You should read this book if you are a startup entrepreneur and looking for some motivation. The book contains some secrets of highly successful groups. It discusses on how one can build a great company culture and also strengthen the existing one. The author dives into some of the most successful organizations’ cultures and debunks on what makes them exceptional. 

You can go through these various great motivational books and read in depth to understand more about success and failures.

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