Great Motivational Quotes: Change Your Thoughts

Great Motivational Quotes

Great motivational quotes have been around for thousands of years. It is interesting to note that the more we change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, the more we achieve. This applies to life in general. I often hear people complaining that life is not fulfilling and that things are never going to be right.

Quotes By Winston Churchill

If you want to motivate people, you must give them a reason to succeed and a reason to strive to do better. If you can teach them a philosophy, you are well on your way to being an inspiring mentor. Some good examples of motivational quotes are: “You cannot fail at anything if you do not fail at yourself.” -Winston Churchill

Fulfilling Your Dream
Great Motivational Quotes: Change Your Thoughts

Albert Einstein

“Do you think that if you die tomorrow, life has no meaning?” -Albert Einstein
“All that we need is a little bit of discipline in life.” -Albert Einstein

Dieter Kurtenbach

“Inspirational quotes can be powerful tools to help motivate us to accomplish our goals.” -Dieter Kurtenbach

Henry David Thoreau

“If you would like to know what I am thinking about my life today, go ahead and ask me about it. And it is time that you started asking me because I am your only hope.” -Henry David Thoreau

Joe Vitale

“If there is one thing that you should keep in your mind while having a tough time, it is that life is not so bad and that it is possible to have your dream of success.” -Joe Vitale

Kinds Of Motivational Quote

If you are a person who wants to be a better person, then make sure you are using this kind of motivational quote. It will motivate you to reach your goal of better living.

Bob Dylan

“The best revenge is not taking the hits, but taking the balls and hitting them back.” -Bob Dylan

Abraham Lincoln

“Mentally, I am more afraid of failure than success. I hate to fail, and I don’t like the idea of winning.” -Abraham Lincoln

Neil Young: Great Motivational Quotes

“If you find yourself on the wrong track, all you have to do is reverse the course and try again.” -Neil Young

Eliot Spitzer: Great Motivational Quotes

“A positive attitude is the single most important thing you can have in life.” -Eliot Spitzer

Hans Selye: Great Motivational Quotes

“Mentally, I believe that there is no greater gift than to have a dream of success in your heart.” -Hans Selye

Winston Churchill

“A man is only as good as his last success.” -Winston Churchill
“When someone tells me I am doing everything right, I tell them to quit saying that.

Nancy Reagan: Great Motivational Quotes

“There is nothing quite like hearing a motivational quote. A song can get inside your brain and help lift you.” -Nancy Reagan

Sharon Tate: Great Motivational Quotes

“Great motivational quotes to keep you focused and motivated. They make you want to work harder.” -Sharon Tate

George Harrison

“To the extent you think you have a dream, the next thing you know you’re doing everything right, you’ve found a way to achieve it.” -George Harrison

Jim Carrey: Great Motivational Quotes

“Great motivational quotes are like stars – they shine with brightness even in the darkest places.” -Jim Carrey

Good Inspiring Mentors
Great Motivational Quotes: Change Your Thoughts

John Lennon And Gerry Maguire

“The more you believe in yourself, the happier you will be.” -John Lennon
“You need great motivational quotes to build up your confidence.” -Gerry Maguire

Bottom Line

“Great motivational thoughts are not about getting things done. They are not about finding the answer to the problems or getting you over the hurdle of a problem. Great motivational thoughts are about life itself, and how you view your life.” -Sally Quinn

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