Great Motivational Speech – Print These Words On Your Mind To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Great Motivational Speech

Entrepreneurs are perhaps the ones who need to hear motivational speeches from time to time. They face many struggles while starting their own business and it is very natural for them to feel remorseful at times. It is at these times that the best motivational speech can cheer them up and lead them towards positivity. But, if you are an entrepreneur, which is that one great motivation speech you should listen to?

In this article, we have listed a few. Read along!

Will Smith’s Dialogue From The Pursuit Of Happyness

This movie is a classic masterpiece. Not only is it very well written and portrayed, but it also contains so many wonderful dialogues that are etched on your minds for a long time. One such dialogue is the one where Will Smith tells his son never to give up on his dreams no matter whoever tells him to do so. And that is the very truth of life. You can never succeed if you give up. So, it is very important to stay put and finish what you start.

Al Pacino’s Dialogue From Any Given Sunday

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In this dialogue, Al Pacino mentions that even if you achieve success in smaller portions than what you had imagined, you can later on add them up to achieve the bigger picture. That hit our hearts. Achieving less than what we’d imagined is a harsh reality check. And Al Pacino wonderfully tells us how to turn that into our favor.

2005 Stanford Commencement Speech Of Steve Jobs

We all know that Steve Jobs is a college drop-out. And in this speech he tells us why he left college and how that had changed his life. He also tells us how important it is to go after the things we love. Because if we don’t, we’ll always be living an unsatisfied life.

The University Of Houston Speech By Matthew McConaughey

This speech is sure to change all your views about joy and success. He says that joy is something that is always under construction. And success should never be relative. If you keep on measuring your success on the scales of what X, Y or Z did, you will never receive joy. So, stop looking at what other people did and start looking at what you have done and are yet to do.

The Rocky Balboa Speech By Sylvester Stallone

In his movie, Rocky, Sylvester Stallone had said that our lives are not always about rainbows and sunshine. It is the full cycle of the sun and the rain that makes our lives whole. The sooner we accept it, the better we live.


If you hear every speech intently, you will know that all of them somehow convey the same thing. That is to follow your passion and work harder to be better. So, whatever you do in life, never stop following your passion to get your dose of daily inspiration.

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