Inky Johnson Motivational Speech Ideas You Should Listen To For Inspiration

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Inquoris Desmond charde johnson is also known as inky johnson is an American motivational speaker. With his disability, he built a career in motivational speaking as his former career made his right arm paralyzed in 2006. He studied psychology and now a well-known motivational speaker. This man is magic in his speeches which motivates many people out around the globe. He was a football player, but life changed when an accident made him paralyzed from the right arm. This did not stop him but he further studied psychology to become a well-known motivation to billions. The injury didn’t stop him on the way and this showed the side of his life which was full of inspiration and positive thinking.

Inky Johnson Motivational Speech – Awards And Appreciation


Inky Johnson was awarded the Tennessee sports hall of fame as ‘champion within award recipient. The Penumadus named a scholarship for him to encourage perseverance in many people. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous events in the great Knoxville sports hall of the fame induction ceremony.

Speeches Of Inky Johnson

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When you need the right kind of motivation, you should listen to speeches. Inky Johnson is famous for his positive and motivational vibes he works and also give self-power speeches to motivate people. Here are some topics where he loves to speak about and advise people. The topic of choices, where he talks about how choices of how to live. The second topic is honor and legacy where he talks about keeping in mind the honor and legacy in life. The topic of the empty bucket is known where he speaks about how can one give everything to all aspects of life.

Inky Johnson Motivational Speech – Process Over Product

There is an aspect of life where there is a process over product. The process is what you are going to be in your life journey. The personal growth you are achieving during the success journey is more significant than your product that can be the outcome, dream, aspiration, and needs in life. If you are only goal-oriented, you can only celebrate your accomplishments, you can miss out on the process of amazing things on the whole pathway forward. Each of the steps to success, it’s an opportunity to reflect and revise your path steps more positively. He also believes that you will only look focused on the goal you may miss on changes that are going up in the journey.

It is important to learn that regardless of the quality and efficiency of the product, it is about how you bring it to the market and present it to the customer that eventually matters.


The Inky Johnson speeches are available for access on sites like YouTube. The speeches delivered by Inky Johnson are basically in topics which mainly are more towards the topic which makes people into situations where they are into huge confusion and get into downstrokes often. The speeches delivered by him make people inspired and motivated to take positive actions when one is down on thinking.

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