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Chris Anderson, the host and producer of the movie “The Secret,” has become a celebrity overnight with his YouTube videos that show his candid moments and philosophies on life. His writings have been featured in major publications around the world. Now, he is being hired by Facebook to help the social networking giant develop its own emotional intelligence programs to measure and improve the way it helps people connect. His influence has transcended athletic success and personal accomplishments.

How It Started ?

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At first, many people did not believe that an experienced motivational speaker could help change the world with his motivational speeches. Some thought that the power of suggestion was beyond their reach. The idea that a speaker could influence how an individual saw or felt about an issue or problem seemed too far-fetched to be true. However, once Anderson began sharing his thoughts and the results he experienced while giving motivational talks, many companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Cisco saw how effective his speaking could be. This led him to start working on his latest project: the Emotional Intelligence system.

The Emotional Intelligence system is designed to use listening skills, personality development, goal setting, and mentoring skills to help individuals achieve their goals. It does not matter if the individual is a businessperson looking for a new career path or a stay-at-home mom trying to motivate her family. The emotional intelligence training programs are designed to fit anyone. According to studies, successful businesspeople and successful stay-at-home moms possess all the same traits. The difference is that they apply these traits in different ways. The goal of any motivational speaker is to inspire individuals to see their dreams in a different light, thereby paving the way to their achievement.

Online Programs From Different Websites

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The website that features inspirational speakers such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Tom Carnegie, Tony Robbins, and many more offers visitors a free mini course on how to become an inspiring leader. If you want to know how best to become a motivational speaker, then the best thing to do is visit a website that features the services of Jack Canfield. You will be able to learn more about Jack Canfield’s motivational speaking methods and even get some tips on how you can become a professional speaker.

Final Words

One of the things that Jack Canfield always emphasized in his speeches is the idea of overcoming fears. There are many entrepreneurs who failed not because they lack the courage to succeed but because of their fear of failing. Jack Canfield overcame his fear of public speaking and became one of the most influential and successful speakers of all time. With the help of the powerful images that he posted on Instagram, a female motivational speaker can also help other women become successful as well.

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