Youth Motivational Speaker

The United Nations defines ‘youth’ as person’s between the ages of 15 and 24 years. It is a stage between adolescence and adulthood, considered the period of maturity and freedom to take independent decisions.

A motivational speaker is one who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience, mostly from their personal experiences.

A youth motivational speaker can therefore be described as one who makes speeches to inspire youths based on his experiences. It is of utmost important to note that not just any topic gets the attention of youths. There are certain key issues that must be addressed to get their attention and guide them through a brighter future. Such key issues include;

Peer Pressure

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At this stage, one could be easily swayed by pressure from friends to do certain things whether right or wrong. It is therefore very important to be strong willed and self disciplined to avoid jeopardizing one’s future.

Social Media

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Social media should be used more for what would add value to one’s life at this stage rather than file. This could include acquiring a skill, taking online courses or jobs and so on.


It is of paramount importance to build up one’s confidence and self esteem at this stage because if one is unable to stand for what he believes in, others would not hesitate to trample on it and make one feel useless. A youth should be proud of whatever he loves doing and keep improving even if he’s not the best at it yet.


It is a good thing to seek to know more about things we see or hear others discuss and this is a common thing among youths. However, such explorations must be done with caution as it has led a lot of people to become addicted to such things like drugs and alcohol while some others found themselves in a worse state.


It is normal for anyone to become anxious about the future. This is also referred to as fear of the unknown. It is however important to get a hold of one’s fears to avoid panic attacks and even depression which could affect one’s performance. Every youth should be reassured that once he does his best, every other thing will fall in place with time.

Making Money

Everyone gets concerned about having enough money to spend at some point in life especially as a youth. Most youths would do anything to meet up to the level of their peers and the standard of the society. This dicey situation must be approached with caution because even though it’s important to make money, it must not be done at the expense of one’s freedom and integrity. Money must be made through legal and honest means to have peace of mind.

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