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marc mero motivational speaker

About Marc

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Despite several challenges, Marc dreamed big and set lofty expectations while growing up in a single-parent home in Buffalo, NY. His dedication and relentless work ethic led to many sports like hockey, football, and boxing in high school. Marc’s life took a dramatic turn when on the road to become a professional boxer, and his sporting career was sidelined for ten years.

He then joined the wrestling ring at the age of 31 and gained fame as a WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion. Marc entertained audiences worldwide for 14 years as “Johnny B. “Badd”, “Wildman”, and Marc Mero, “Marvelous”, achieving the height of athletic achievement, and then losing it to bad choices.

From Wrestler to Motivational Speaker

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Marc was inspired into action by the catastrophic loss of more than 30 of his close friends and family members, mainly due to lifestyle decisions and negative habits. He strived to make people aware of the consequences of their action. He talks about how one must be careful, as one wrong decision will lead to life-long suffering of you and your family and friends. Marc is eager to keep students off the “death list” he talks about during his lecture, helping young people recognize that life is essential and relationships should be valued.

Mero reported on Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide in June and July 2007, appearing on several cable news shows and condemning both the wrestling industry and World Wrestling Entertainment. Mero confessed to using both anabolic steroids and recreational drugs over seven years in an interview with WFTV and reported that steroids had led to many wrestlers’ early deaths.

Following his remarks, Mero started making appearances and lecturing on the risks of substance addiction and bullying at schools in Central Florida; he also supports a website with similar interests with which he is associated. He has had several stops in schools and community colleges around Florida as of April 2, 2009.

Champion of Choices

Mero believes in dedicating his time and talent to transform young lives. He started his charitable organization “Champion of Choices” in the year 2007. He used it as a platform to share his powerful tale of tragedy and triumph, talking candidly about where his good and poor choices took him. Young students find his messages about anti-bullying, drug abuse, and suicide prevention touching. By his frank representation and bravery to stand up, step up, and speak up, lives are saved and altered. Thousands of young people believe that Marc Mero gives them hope, inspires them to make good decisions, and encourages them to lead safe and happy lives.

The devotion of Marc Mero to improving the lives of kids and teens is unparalleled. He works many hours to respond to students who need words of encouragement and ties school counsellors to suicidal and troubled young people.

Marc’s Achievements

As a WCW and WWE Wrestling Champion and a four-time New York State Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, Marc gained prominence. He has shared his inspirational life story with over one million people as the author of How to be the happiest person on the planet and the founder of the non-profit Champion of Choices.

Marc’s film, A Mother’s Love, was watched by millions worldwide. He has appeared on many national TV shows, including CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, and Montel Williams. He has been included in hundreds of press interviews and radio programs. Marc offers an optimistic message of hope at colleges, business meetings, and churches around the world!

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