Motivational Quotes – Reasons Why They Are So Effective

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One of the most motivational quotes I ever read was one by Charles Schwab. In his book “Think And Grow Rich”, he had this to say: “The most important person in your life is not who you know, but what you do with what you know.” It really inspired me to take action and follow through on what Schwab had written. I have since taken action and have become a millionaire. The most motivational quotes I have from that book that still make me think today are: “Learning is the most important thing in life, but doing is the most vital.”

Mark Twain’s quote “A man’s got to do what he has got to do” is also near the top of my list. Before there was much effort put into my work, before I had many clients or a thriving business, I would often sit in my bedroom and think about what I wanted to do. Sometimes it was the simplest thing in the world; sometimes it was the worst. However, when I came upon these Mark Twain quotes, I knew I had found a way for me to make myself a success. Once I decided to pursue my dreams, I never looked back.

Another favorite of mine is “A job that makes you unhappy is like driving across town in an old worn out car. If you love it, you’ll take care of it. If you hate it, you will repair it.” This is one of the most motivational quotes I have ever heard. Even if you are not in a situation where you are in love with your work, it is good to know that you can repair things if you hate your job.

One quote that has always motivated me is “Keep Your Friends close, but your enemies closer.” I have to admit, keeping your friends close can be a huge burden! My first big goal was to get rid of all my enemies and to keep my friends close to me was a major struggle. However, by learning how to be positive and keep working toward my goals, I was able to become the person people loved to be around. These are two of my most motivational quotes.

Napoleon Hill wrote the best-selling book called Think and Grow Rich. This book changed the way I thought about money and it inspired me to find my own success. In his book, Napoleon Hill explained how you can get motivated from these two greatest motivational quotes: “Attraction to a thing is a great proof of its being” and “The energy of your mind controls most of the actions of your body.” These two quotes had such a profound effect on me that I still use them everyday in my business.

Summing Up

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One way to get more motivation in your life is to read motivational quotes. This will give you more information about yourself and how you can motivate others to get the same results from their lives as well. You may even change your perspective about life and think differently. This is a great gift you can give yourself. Motivation works wonders in your life and in your business. If you continue to use this daily, you will be happier and healthier.

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