Motivational Speaking – How To Start A Short Motivational Speech

short motivational speech


The need for short motivational speech examples is very much required nowadays because of the hectic schedules and workloads of people. There is a need for people to think positive, be optimistic and try to achieve their goals as early as possible. A short motivational speech can be of great help in this regard. A motivational speech is one that can easily influence the audience so that they will be able to carry out the tasks assigned to them in an effective manner. It is basically meant to boost the confidence level and enthusiasm in the people.

An Overview

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Short motivational speeches are best suited for various events such as seminars, meetings, fairs, awards ceremonies and many more such types of occasions. Success is different for every individual and is dependent on the efforts that one invests in achieving it. However, no matter the circumstance, everyone tries to be successful in their field and reach towards any goal they’ve set in life. So, it is quite obvious that these speeches are important in boosting the morale of the people. In fact, one of the best motivational speeches ever given can also become a powerful tool in changing lives and the future of people.

For starters, an excellent way to start off with a short motivational speech is to use a short story about someone or something you admire the most. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about someone. Instead, it can be something that you personally feel strongly about and share. This is another excellent way to kick off your speech and allow your audience to become emotionally attached to your words.

Best Tip To Consider

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Another excellent way to kick off your speech would be to share a story about something that happened to you. No matter what age group you belong to, everyone loves a good story. So, an excellent way to start off is to share about a funny or sad situation that happened to you. Who knows, it might trigger a genuine emotional response from the audience. It is such a wonderful thing to witness and experience.

In addition to a funny story, an excellent way to kick off a short motivational speech is to speak about how much the audience needs the information and knowledge you are sharing. Again, it does not need to be about a problem that your audience is facing. Rather, you should try to speak to your audience as though they were in the same shoes. As you know, the audience needs a leader, so you should try to provide that leadership and make them understand that you are going to lead them through the problems or issues. As such, you need to speak to the audience as if they were your own followers.

Use Quotes

In addition to this, one of the most effective ways of delivering these types of speeches is by using quotes. You may quote a line from an inspirational book or song. You can also quote one of your own short motivational speeches. It does not matter if you use real quotes or if you choose your own. The important thing here is to motivate the audience and make them feel good.

Speaking about the bad times is also another excellent way to kick off your speech. People tend to remember bad situations more than good ones. However, when you talk about great things that happened in your life, you will definitely have people remembering them and thinking highly of you. It goes the same in writing and speaking. So when you quote someone else’s work, make sure you include a little bit of information about the person or his achievements.


Lastly, you need to relate the whole speech to your audience. If you are writing about a certain situation, why not share about how you can relate it to the audience? When you talk about great things, why not share how you can relate it to your situation at the moment? These are just simple tips that you need to keep in mind when writing and speaking a motivational speech.

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