Powerful Motivational Speech By Eric Thomas

eric thomas motivational speech

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas is a fifty year old minister who has also written a couple of books to motivate people. Growing up in Detroit to a teenage mother, Eric did not have a smooth childhood to begin with. His emotions did not find place in his family and hence turned him into a rebel. After a fight with his mother and aunts, he dropped out from high school. Soon he did not have a roof over his head, leading him to a homeless life on the streets of Detroit for two years.

Eric Thomas Gave His Motivational Speech In The 2000s

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Eric Thomas while living on the streets of Detroit met a preacher who impacted his mind and inspired him to go back and complete his education. After he completed his education he started working towards helping the underprivileged get free education and started giving motivational talks to encourage them. He started his own company and wrote four books titled – The Secret to Success, Greatness is Upon You, Average Skill Phenomenal Will and You Ain’t The Boss of me.

His own story has been one of the most inspiring as he completed his graduation after turning thirty, did his masters and finally completed his PHD at the age of forty five. He married the love of his life while working in the school he was teaching at and has a successful YouTube channel.

Eric Thomas Style Of Motivational Speech


A motivational speech is one which motivates and inspires one to work harder and persevere. There are many motivational speakers in the world today. The YouTube community has a long line of motivational speakers who are always in competition with each other. Some are actors turned speakers, some are artists, entrepreneurs and so on. Each one has their own style of speaking that makes them unique.

His words are full of conviction as he has applied all of it throughout his life. In one of his speeches he says he turned his painful relationship with his mother into a book and his anger into becoming a fighter in life.

Eric Thomas Motivational Speech Inspired Millions

One cannot deny the impact Eric’s speech made on them. Whether it’s an hour long speech in a University or a ten minute video on YouTube, his voice and words are sure to fill you up with conviction in yourself. He humbly accepts that he is always in competition with other motivational speakers and so we must all too become the number one in our fields.


In summation I’d just like to add that in this strife filled world where it is so difficult to meet ends for more than half of the world, the purpose of motivational speakers is more than ever. Likewise, Eric Thomas is a unique speaker who has had a struggling life himself but transformed it with faith in God and himself. He kept working hard to complete his education and work for the betterment of society.

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