The Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivational Speech

arnold schwarzenegger motivational speech

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born to a poor family in what was then considered the depths of the Depression in California. When he was still a teenager, he was arrested for participating in a burglary, after which he served two years in jail and was paroled. He did, however, receive a discount on his initial sentence because of the efforts of the state’s leading politicians – and it is these politicians that we are to thank for our present Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Although this man is now a movie star, winning three Academy Awards and numerous awards including the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, his most important job may be looming over his head.

Governor Of California

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He went on to say that it was his belief that people should serve the common good, not simply their own self interest. A week after winning the Oscar for his role as Jean Luc Picard in the Next Generation series, Schwarzenegger was sworn into office as Governor of California. He began his term by signing the California State Operational Immigration Law, which banned the new quotas designed to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the state.

Two other laws were also signed that year: the Medical Insurance Bill and the Ballot Measure Initiative, which raised the number of seats in the California State Legislature. It was under these terms that Arnold Schwarzenegger became the most popular man in Hollywood.

Impact Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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However, it is probably the impact of Arnold Schwarzenegger that makes him such a powerful person to be admired by all. There are several things you should know about this man, his movies and his life to give back to the world. Some people will use his fame and power to their own benefit, believing they can do no wrong. However, as with any good leader, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his position to make things happen, especially when they are needed.

One of the most inspiring quotes from the movie “Pumping Iron” comes from the dialogue between Rocky Balboa and John Galt, played by Robert DeNiro: “You could put any two sweaty men in a gym, slap them with some medicine balls, and watch them bounce and sweat.” That is how Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to fame and became something like a bodybuilding champion. He is quoted as saying he plans to conquer America, but before he does that, he needs all the help he can get.

America’s Greatest Athletes

According to the quote, Arnold Schwarzenegger planned to go to America to earn a living by competing against America’s greatest athletes. He wanted to challenge them by beating them at their own game – bodybuilding. He knew exactly what it takes to become a bodybuilder and win the ultimate game; it wasn’t so much about winning as it was about competing. As we all know, America loves winners and they love bodybuilders. They were the ones that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star and made him famous.

Greatest Inspirations

After winning his first six Olympic golds, many Americans questioned whether he was the best athlete of all time and they wondered how someone could be so focused and disciplined for their sport. Well, according to the quotes, it was because of the support system and motivation that he had built up in his family. In fact, one of his greatest inspirations was his mother, who supported him during his early years as a bodybuilder. Someone said that she would have done anything for her son, just to give him a fighting chance and to let him prove that he was a winner. Now, years later, Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as America’s favorite bodybuilder and perhaps the most successful self-made millionaire in history.

After winning the first six Olympic golds, America went crazy over him, as they felt that his was the only thing that could make America great again. He had a message and he gave America what they needed. He instilled discipline, fitness, and confidence into the nation; things that were sorely lacking back then. If America would have got back on track with their obesity problem, at least in the way of public education, they might not be where they are today. He knew exactly what he was doing when he created his movie, “Pumping Iron”, and it spoke volumes for America and its values of hard work and getting back to the basics.

Concluding Talks

He also gave something back to the country by being a very outspoken advocate of the cause for healthier eating and stronger American industries. People love to give something back to the country and Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly did. He came back from his movie tours, won a second term as governor of California, and now spends his free time between films editing movies, writing, and working on his bi-books. He is an American hero and a true American success story and we owe it all to the man who wore his pants suits in public.

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