The Power of Words and Short Motivational Quotations

short motivational quotes

Short motivational quotations are like heavenly stars in the sky…. They just seem so small, but they are actually huge, packed with tremendous positive energy and illumination that give you the courage to live your life to the fullest. Share these timeless short inspirational quotes with others, read them from time to time and enjoy them whenever you find yourself feeling down. Here are some of the most famous short motivational quotations that people have come across over the years:

Short inspirational quotes can lift you up from the deep blues or depressions that can come over you when things go wrong in your life. Some of these quotes have more to do with how you can handle life than with the issues that are causing the blues. Here are some of the more popular short quotes about life that are often read over coffee breaks at work, at parties, and at other gatherings:

“The best thing about life is that it doesn’t stop.” – George Bernard Shaw

“You have to believe in your dreams to make them come true” – Anne Frank

“Life is not an event, it’s a condition of being” – William Wordsworth

“If you fail to learn to laugh at yourself, you will die of laughter.” – Jean de la Rouch

Difficult Step In Having Success


The most important thing is to have confidence in your abilities. This is probably the most difficult step in having success in life, because if you don’t have any, then you don’t have any chance to succeed. A quote by Steve Martin in his play “George and Terri” sums it all up perfectly: “In life you are what you believe you can be, but if you believe you can’t be, you don’t believe.”

These quotes by some of our most famous writers remind us that life has no meaning unless you make it a point to act on it, that nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without a little effort. And it is through your attitude toward life that you will succeed or fail, that your dreams can be realized, and that the path to happiness is always ahead of you.

“Your dream is only half done when it comes true.” – Winston Churchill

“The problem with most people is they think they are getting through life. When it comes to life, the most important thing is not the quantity of time that’s spent, but how it’s spent.” – Howard Hendricks

“We’re living in good news, not bad.” – Winston Churchill

“The only way to stop losing sleep is to take stock of the things you really want.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Importance Of Power Of Words

A person that is standing in the grass

The power of words is not only good for inspiring us to succeed but also to help us see things in a different way. For example, the following words from Henry David Thoreau can help us see things from another perspective.

“I am now happy because I have known that I am a tree; and the more I have known this, the happier I am. My soul is like the greatest tree that is on earth: Every morning I feel that the world will bear my gladness.”

Short motivational quotations have proven to be quite effective in helping many people achieve the goals they set for themselves, and these quotes about life are no different. Whether it’s to help motivate you to reach your goals, inspire you to do more, give you encouragement, or simply remind you of something that you might be forgetting, these words can help you to remember more than ever before.

“It is never too late to make your dreams come true. I am only passing the torch so that you will not be left in the dark for another day.” – Margaret Mitchell


The power of words and the power of quotes are truly powerful. If used appropriately, they can help you achieve what you have always dreamed of.

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