The Truth About Motivation -

The Truth About Motivation

Motivation is the most important reason for a person’s action or behavior. It helps a person achieve a goal. It is also an inspiration to achieve something. Derived from the word Motive, it means satisfaction of a need. Even culture, society, and lifestyle influence motivation. Both conscious and unconscious factors interact to motivate a person for something. It is directional. It directs us towards positive stimulus and takes us away from the negative stimulus.

What is motivation

There are many theories developed to describe the motivation and what factors it influences. But basically, it affects three factors. Firstly, thoughts influence the behavior of a person. Secondly, it makes us put efforts to perform. And most importantly, it affects thoughts of that person.

Types Of Motivation

It is of two types, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. When there is a self-desire to achieve a goal, it is called intrinsic motivation. It is an internal behavioral characteristic. For example, a desire to be able to play any instrument is a kind of intrinsic motivation. It takes time to grow inside a person, whereas extrinsic motivation results from outside influence. For example, a willingness to win a trophy is a kind of extrinsic motivation.

Factors Affecting Motivation

Physiological needs are the basic needs like food, shelter, and rest. These are essential needs that make a person motivated the most. Security needs mean security of life, protection from danger, job security, etc. Social needs include the desire for acceptance, love, relations, and friendships. Egoistic needs include achievement, competition, knowledge, recognition, etc. These are the most difficult to satisfy. Self-fulfillment is the most important affecting factors.

What is motivation
What is motivation

Role Of Neuroscience

Dopaminergic drugs influence the flow of positive stimulus. It is also known as Dopamine. Naturally, Dopamine is released in our body when we develop a desire to do a task. Medicine enhances this desire. Dopamine injections in the human body help redress this problem. It increases the willingness to do something. A person can go to greater extents to achieve things by this drug.


Motivation puts human resource into action. It improves the efficiency level of human resource. It fills up the gap between ability and willingness to achieve a goal. Moreover, it leads to the achievement of goals. Also, it improves a person behavior. Motivated people are more friendly and jolly. Lastly and most importantly, it makes a person very productive in an organization. A motivated person can lead a team well.

What is motivation
What is motivation


Every person needs motivation in life. Some people get motivated by people, some by nature, and some by art and culture. Thus a motivated person can achieve any success in his life.

Motivation is not inbuilt. Some people severely lack believe. Motivation can turn a good thought can be turned into immediate action. It also helps to turns a good effort into success. Moreover, it enhances the thought process.

Without motivation, achieving anything is difficult. There are no goal to aim for and no purpose to fulfill.
Motivation is a life skill. Every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. This is why motivation is important. Therefore, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals. This helps your dreams become a reality. Not just for your sake, but the sake of others as well.

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