Things to learn from Kobe Bryant Motivational Speech

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Kobe Bryant was a much-loved basketball player with a huge fan following across the world. He died tragically with his daughter Gianna and a few others. Kobe Bryant has played awesome and thrilling matches. But not only with his basketball playing skills, he even won hearts with his work ethics, principles, competitive spirit and motivational speeches. After retiring from the NBA in 2015, Byrant became a VC and started his own corporate company and data fund. He also gave a lot of speeches to his fans and followers. Here are a few things we should learn from Kobe Bryant Motivational Speech.

Teachings from Kobe Bryant Motivational Speech

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Here are some of the best teachings from Kobe Bryant’s Motivational Speech:

Hard Work Always Pays Off

Even Michael Jordan felt that Bryant was the only player who had the guts to approach his work ethics. Kobe worked harder than Jordan and even more than any other NBA superstar in the recent years. He would get up everyday at 5 am to practice at his Lower Merion High School and would leave by 7. He was also the first player in the gym to practice in spite of being injured. He even took part in the Olympics and shot to popularity there. He trained more than any other team members as per NBA champion Dwyane Wade.

If you do not believe in yourself, no one will ever do

He once said in his speech that one must always believe in themselves if they want the world also to believe in them. He believed that confidence came from preparing well. He always believed in doing the best for a game and he would never risk doing something for a game, that he has never done thousands of times before. He said that preparation never made him nervous because he has practiced so many times that he knew he would never fail.

You have to forget the last play and only focus on your current play

Kobe said in one of his speeches that people would accuse him of having no conscience and being a gunner. People would ask him why he kept on shooting, when he had already missed 10 shots consecutively. But he always believed that as an athlete, you have to forget about what happened and only focus on the present, else you will never be able to perform. He recommended all players to develop this mentality and skill. 

Learning Anything is a Process


In another of his speeches, he said that learning something is a process. It can never be perfect. He also never stopped learning or trying to improve. He is always learning and always looking for better ways to improve. He had a unique growth mindset that made him never satisfied with his skills. According to him, learning never ends.


Constantly learning, constantly preparing, never being satisfied and having a humble approach to his game and life made Kobe Bryant the man he was. His death caused a void in our lives that cannot be fulfilled ever. We have not only lost a great player, but also a great motivational speaker.

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