Tips On How To Be A Motivational Speaker

how to be a motivational speaker

When you have completed your motivational speech, you will have the opportunity of entertaining your audience. You may have to get them to quiet down and listen to you for several minutes or even an hour. But what you do not want to do is embarrass yourself in front of your audience or leave them wondering why they even bother listening to you. There are a few things that you should know when you are preparing for the big day.

Giving Your Audience The Value

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It does not matter whether your audience is large or small, as long as you give them something of value. If you have been asked to speak about a life-changing experience, you should include that information in your speech. You should never lie about your experience, though, if you want the audience to see you in a positive light. If you have been invited to speak about a situation that may seem silly to the audience member, you should discuss the situation in a positive manner.

Keep Your Audience In Suspense

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You should always keep your audience in suspense when speaking about something important to them. This will keep them interested in what you are saying, and you will get more laughs from the audience if you can hold their attention. If you address an adult audience, you can tell them that you would like to invite them to lunch or dinner to meet someone interesting.

When you have completed your speech and are standing on stage, you will need to distract your audience members’ attention. One of the best ways to do this is to use humor. Be sure to keep the humor lighthearted and avoid making jokes at the expense of the audience member. They will appreciate it if you can keep their attention on the topic at hand.

Ask Question To The Audience

When you speak to an adult audience, you will find that you can be more humorous and more entertaining. You can make your speech more interesting by asking questions of the audience. You should be able to answer any question that is asked of you. This is just another way of how to be a motivational speaker.

If you address teenagers or children, you should remember that you need to be a good speaker with a lot of knowledge and information to share. However, you should avoid being too old-fashioned. You should let the teenager or children enjoy the way you speak and how you relate to them. If you do not keep the listener’s attention on you and the topic at hand, then you will lose their respect for you. So, to keep the listener’s attention, you need to think on your feet.

It is important to understand that you are not the only one trying to motivate your audience. Therefore, if you feel uneasy or do not know how to be a motivational speaker, you may consult with other speakers who might provide you with some great tips. Also, consult other audience members. You will be surprised by how many friends and colleagues you will have in this business.

Final Words

One of the best tips on being a motivational speaker is never to take your own opinion as the ultimate or sole point of your speech. The audience will not be listening to you for your ideas. Rather, they will listen to you because they believe that you share their ideas. When you say something like a motivational speaker, you should convey the idea that these ideas are the right thing to do and that it is the audience’s responsibility to do the right thing – no matter what the audience’s age is.

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