Tips To Give Good Motivational Speech Topics For Students

motivational speech topics for students

A motivational speech is a type of communication – a sort of conversation – about any subject. It is aimed at the pupils and should encourage and motivate them to learn more, do better and earn higher grades. It can be used in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and various other places and circumstances. The basic purpose is to instill a sense of personal and group values in the minds of students and motivate them to adhere to these values. Motivational speech topics for students can be oral or written, and they can include humorous stories, inspirational quotes, or a speech about some current affairs.

An Overview

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The motivational speech should be delivered confidently and sincerely and should not be intimidating. It should generate a sense of enthusiasm and confidence in students. The speech should not include any threatening words or imagery as this will tend to put off students who are unsure about themselves and their abilities. The speaker must therefore speak from the heart about what the students want to hear and know.

Some motivational speech examples include – ‘Do your best in every class or else you will fail in life.’ This encourages students to work hard and try for success. ‘Respect everyone around you.’ This encourages students to set high standards and behave well in the classroom, in other schools, and elsewhere.

Matching Speech

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The motivational speech should be relevant to students. They should relate to their problems and the challenges they face. It may also be useful to include an example in the speech to illustrate the point. The speaker may use figures or statistics or something interesting that can apply to their situation. It should be something that will help the students to identify with and overcome their problems.

The motivational speech should not be full of generalities or fluff. It should be directed towards the students and address the specific needs of each student. If there are multiple examples, then the speaker may use more than one example to motivate the students. A motivational speech should be inspiring, interesting, and perhaps even funny. It should create a positive environment where the students are motivated to do better and learn from it.

Go Online

If you cannot find any good examples of a motivational speech, then prepare yourself by looking through the internet. Several websites are offering such speeches for a fee. You can look at various samples and see if they will work for you and the students. Many companies offer such services nowadays. If you cannot afford the fee, then you can check out various motivational speech websites to find some good free samples.

Preparing your speech before you go on to deliver it is a good idea. You need to have an overview of what you are going to say. You should also have prepared your speech in a few days. Then you should practice saying it for a few days. You can also look at various movies, which have been successful in creating an inspiring environment.

Choose Topics Wisely

In general, giving a motivational speech is a very difficult task, especially if you do not know the topic or writing in that field. However, if you follow some simple tips, then you will be able to give an inspiring speech without any trouble. Motivational speeches can inspire the students to do better in their lives and achieve success.

First of all, you should remember that you should not talk about the past. Focus on the present and how you can improve the future. You should explain why the students should become successful. You should talk to the students about the future and how they can work towards it. For example, tell them how important it is to choose a good teacher who can motivate them. It is important to state the tasks before them and that each one of them must accomplish them to move towards the goal.

You can also motivate the students by mentioning the examples of people who have been able to achieve success. You should take care to emphasize that a lack of motivation can not make a person successful. You should also state how important teamwork is in making a business work successfully. You should talk about motivating words that can work wonders.


Giving a motivational speech is not very easy. But if you follow the tips given above, then you will be able to give your students a good start. If you feel that you still have some things to improve upon, you can practice until you are completely confident about it. If you are not good at giving speeches and you fear that your speech might not do much to help the students, you can hire a motivational speaker who will give a better and more effective speech.

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