Tips To Motivate Yourself Better

It can be difficult to find motivation, but it is not impossible. Here are some amazing tips that will definitely help you motivate yourself.

Self-motivation is the process which helps us to step into the next level of our life ladder. The word motivation has originated from the word motive that means an aim, a focused goal. According to many of the psychological theories, motivation lies purely within us, in every individual, whereas the socio-cultural theories state that it is an outcome of the involvement in action and activities within the cultural background of social groups.

Tricks To Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation, in its purest form, means the zeal to do things, to reach the summit. It seems to be simple but a detailed conception. Self-motivation is the key to unlock the abilities that are within us. It helps in the personal development of the individual. It is also regarded as a vital part of emotional intelligence. We ourselves are the best motivation in our life as we know us the best. Daniel Goleman, a renowned writer, has identified four elements that overall built up the term motivation

Personal Drive:

Our desire to achieve our desired goals


Open commitment to the focused dream


The prompt action towards an opportunity


The positive energy that will boost us up during failures.

Every day of our life is not the same all the time. We often face some undulating ways while we explore, and during that time we often find any helping hand on us. Thus it’s best to become the person for ourselves.
For self-motivation, we need to follow up a few things

Tricks To Motivate Yourself

Firstly, we need to focus on our own goals, what we actually why do we want, and detailed clarity.

Secondly, all of us at some point in time, somewhere in life has come across serious setbacks or failures, then often we tend to lose our motivation. As soon as this happens, we often loose around us, we lose confidence and start maintaining a distance that motivates us. So after a set back we should not lose our hope or motivation.we should always believe that every night is preceded by a morning. Here we need to start up a new the very next day with a positive vibe and will find the motivation of doing the work will walk along with us.

Thirdly if we find some of our projects too huge to complete, a prolonged one, we immediately can divide them into small segments. So instead of losing the zeal and pausing the work, it will be in progress.

Fourthly, to gear up the level of motivation, we should always have our own time, What we love. We should indulge ourselves in music, playing a long drive. Once the inner self is content, there is no place for despair

5th- positivity is the oxygen in our life. Even an unfinished work can be done successfully if we are positive from inside. Pessimism destroys both motivation and energy.

6th- It is very much important to respect our own decisions we should learn from our failures than to regret on us and at the same time to pat our own back once we succeed.

7th- We should always set a competition with none but ourselves. Where we were yesterday, where we are today and where we want to see us tomorrow.
8th- Sometimes we often get demotivated on what we don’t have and forget to realize what precious things we have already. So we always should focus on what we have and might the other person don’t have.

9th-Workout always boost up out level of motivation. A daily workout is helpful for us to remain energized and stress-free. This will also motivate your physical being.

person pointing Stay Present road sign during daytime

And lastly, always we should reward ourselves at our success, whether huge or small. A smile at us standing in front of the mirror.

Back in the day, there were King Makers who used to decide the next eligible king to assess the throne. But with the change of time in this 21st century none but we should be our own, King Maker. Motivate your self now before it is too late

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