Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Listen To A Motivational Speech At Least Once In A Week

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Do you ever open a YouTube or Ted Talk with the intention of scrolling but end up listening to a motivational speech? Or have you ever attended an offline seminar of a motivational speaker to get some external motivation? 

If yes, then you must have at least a rough idea about what a motivational speech can do and how it usually operates. 

A motivational speech is intended to motivate individuals to take the desired course of action and to achieve their goals. 

The main motive of delivering motivational speeches is to inspire individuals and to make them think rationally. Moreover, motivational speeches help individuals to accept their flaws and follow their ultimate call of action. 

Now, without much delay, let us discuss the importance of motivational speech and the reasons why everyone must listen to a motivational speech at least once a week. 

Reasons Why You Must Listen To A Motivational Speech

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Provides New Perspective

One of the fundamental reasons why everyone must listen to a motivational speech is that motivational speeches help you change your approach and how you see certain things or topics. 

After listening to motivational speeches, you will often see the same things and topics with a new perspective. Thus, it assists you in understanding the actions of different individuals and helps you to break the channels of conventional thoughts. 

Overall, it helps you to get a new and fresh insight into something. 

Boosts Creativity

The motivation and inspiration that comes after listening to a motivational speech or during an extremely outstanding speech will help you to think out of the box. It helps you enter into a creative world where your brain juices will flow faster. 

So if you are brainstorming some creative ideas but end up with nothing outstanding, relax and listen to some TED Talks and now continue with your work. I can bet the ideas which you will brainstorm after listening to motivational speeches will be fascinating. 

Teaches You The Importance Of Both Success And Failure

Failure is inevitable, particularly if you are doing something unique. Think about the development and innovations in history, and you will realize that most famous people failed numerous times before they were able to succeed. 

Unfortunately, to date, many people view failure with fearful eyes. But after listening or attending a motivational speech seminar, you will be able to overcome your fear of failure and learn the importance of both success and failure. Motivational speeches will help you to digest the fact that both success and failures go hand in hand. 


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Overall, a motivational speech will help you to grow in all aspects of your life. Motivational speeches not only have a cognitive purpose but also serve emotional and actionable ones. So, go and make a playlist of your favorite TED Talks speakers and make a habit of listening to at least one speech once a week.

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