Top 7 Tips For Writing An Inspiring Motivational Speech

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If you are a motivational speaker, you know what it takes to write an inspiring speech. A powerful speech has the ability to inspire the audience in such a way that they can learn deeply about something in a short span. Well, a good speech has a well-defined structure, a strong message in it, punch lines, call-to-action, and other important elements. If you are a beginner who wants to deliver a powerful motivational speech, follow these tips.

Consider Your Audience

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A motivational speech is made to lead others by example. As it is about ‘others’, it can never be self-focused. That means you have to consider the audience while writing a speech. As yourself – Is my speech has a message that can motivate my audience? Will others understand my speech and the message behind it? Keep your audience in mind every time you attempt to write a speech.

Establish A Purpose

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Discover the purpose of your speech before presenting it before the audience. People don’t like to listen to someone who doesn’t know anything and deliver a long speech that won’t benefit them. A good speech will always have a purpose and it can be informing, instructing, or entertaining people. If you are delivering a speech to instruct people, quote real-life examples they can learn from.

Have A Structure

ny speech should have an appropriate structure to keep the flow right. It should have an introduction, a middle section, a call-to-action, and a conclusion. The introduction can start from anything – be it a quote, a question, or a short story. Further, the middle section of the speech should have the key points and the message you want to convey. Before the conclusion, mention call-to-action to bring your message to fruition. In the end, conclude your speech by summarizing all the key points of the speech. Try to end your speech with a compelling thought audience will remember for longer.

Begin With A Bang

The audience is most interesting in listening to a speaker right when he or she starts the speech. So, make the introduction appealing to garner the attention of people who are delivering the speech to. If the audience finds the introduction boring, they won’t pay heed to you afterward. Well, a good motivational speech always begins with a question, a surprising fact, a brief story, or a meaningful quote. You can also include statistics at the beginning to perk up the ears of the target audience. Just make sure the statistics you are putting in the speech are from a genuine source.

Add Some Humor To The Speech

Everybody loves to laugh and people find a humorous speech most interesting than others. Try to make the audience laugh now and then by adding some humorous lines in your speech. Add jokes and use obvious humor. Make use of usual and funny words or sentences relevant to your speech. If you are telling a story about yourself, tell others how you got screwed in a funny tone.

Be Real

Always be authentic while dealing with your audience. Tell real-life experiences and don’t make false stories just to garner attention. You are using statistics in your speech, make sure they are relevant and from trusted sources. At last, tell people what you believe in.

Review & Rewrite

Review your speech many times and keep rewriting it until you get a masterpiece. You don’t have to rewrite the entire speech. Use the same material and make additions wherever necessary. Read the speech to your friends and ask for their suggestions. You can also check for errors in your speech by consulting with expert writers/speakers.

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