What Are the Most Effective Way of Giving Words of Encouragement

words of encouragement

Sometimes, all you need are words of encouragement to get through that difficult time. These times could be a recent loss of a job or being through a divorce. Sometimes, even when we’re feeling really good, there’s a bad thought or statement that comes into play. If you’re in that situation, what can you do?

The most important thing to keep in mind when you or someone else are having one of those difficult times where you almost feel like life is just a big daily struggle is it’s okay to not feel like everything is going to be fine. But having some simple encouraging words of encouragement from someone that can see your situation can help lift your spirits. Don’t fall into the trap of negativity. It will only make you feel worse and your situation that much worse. Keep these few words of encouragement in mind, when you’re feeling the anxiety and the depression.

An Overview

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” Courage is not a virtue that can be developed overnight, but it can be learned.” This quote by Thomas A. Edison is one that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. No matter how difficult a time it may be, try to remember that there is always a glimmer of light at the end of that tunnel. It’s important to push on regardless of how things look. When times are tough, have faith that there is still hope. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s difficult to have the motivation to actually try for anything.

“The greatest strength of character is the power of overcoming doubt. When doubt has you by the throat, quit crying. Replace doubt with confidence. The result is an atmosphere of confident belief – which is precisely what you need if you’re going to change your behavior and change your circumstances.”

“Words of encouragement are powerful. But they are even more powerful if you do them while you’re smiling.” This inspiring quote from Descartes perfectly sums up all the ways that encouragement can help you. Sometimes it may feel like there is no hope or you’ll never reach your goal. Try smiling, and this will inspire you. You’ll notice a great shift in attitude.

Effective Ways to Give Word of Encouragement


“You have achieved so much, but now you must allow yourself to feel that you have achieved nothing. For what have you accomplished? What little things have you done to build the life that you want?” These encouraging quotes by Albert Schweitzer really hit home. You must believe in yourself and you must believe that you have done enough to change your circumstances.

“Chances are you’ve been discourted before by people who tried to discourage you. It’s a shame, because they probably didn’t know any better. But you’re not like those people, you have a lot of determination, and you have the power of the mind to think different. This book is not only a collection of quotations about self-confidence, it’s also a collection of quotes about courage.”

“This book is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to get motivated. It’s filled with great things people have achieved and they’re all true stories. The ones that inspire me the most are the ones that I heard directly from Helen Keller, who knew a lot about being motivated and inspiring others. She understood what it was like to be discouraged, but she also understood that it was just as important to find the strength to continue on and keep going.” – Robert Atkins, author unknown

“The Power Of Positive Thinking by Helen Keller explains how thinking positively can overcome whatever problem a person might be facing. It will help you increase your courage to conquer whatever obstacles come your way. Those who have difficulties and setbacks must persevere, and this book will show you how you can do just that. Those who believe that there is a power greater than ourselves will overcome any obstacle and make a victory out of every day life. The authors did an excellent job of putting together an easy-to-read book that will benefit just about everybody.”


“If you want to learn something from the life of a woman who inspired many people, read The Power Of Positive Thinking by Helen Keller. You will learn something about overcoming any difficulty that you may be facing, and this positive thinking book will also teach you the most effective way to do it. You will also learn something interesting about how to get motivated, and this book is full of interesting quotes, poems and sayings. Some of these quotes are so touching that you may feel inspired to use them yourself.”

These quotes should give you hope for the future. If every day seems impossible and you cannot win a single game or struggle with some obstacle, then what would be the point of trying to live life to the fullest? Life itself is very beautiful, and everything is possible. You do not need to wait until something terrible happens before you feel inspired to do something about your life – even if that means digging up a quote to use in an inspiring way. Every good day is worth the effort.

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