What to Expect From a Successful Motivational Speech

successful motivational speech

For successful motivational speech topics for middle school students, you must first understand that it is different from college as well. A middle school student is not ready to accept challenges yet. When you talk about achieving goals with motivation, you should be prepared to face some resistance. A middle school student is still in the stage where they are interested in knowing how they can be successful. You can use these types of speeches to inspire the kids to take the next step and achieve great things.

An Overview

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Healthy eating habits have many advantages. So, when you prepare successful motivational speech topics for middle school students, you must first discuss the importance of good eating habits. To motivate others, you need to open up their eyes to appreciate the goodness that lies within the food they eat.

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins shares several effective motivational speech topics for college students in his book “Conquer Your Fear”. In this book, he discusses the courage it takes to face your fears and the rewards that follow. Robbins says that people who have lived successful lives usually faced their greatest fears and came out stronger than they thought. The same principles apply to effective motivational speech writing for college students.

Most Important Speech Tips

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Effective motivational speech subjects also include self-confidence. Many students lack self-confidence because they are overly worried about their grades. Successful motivational speech topics help them realize that even if they don’t do well in a certain class, they can always find work or a new career. The key is facing your fears and coming out bigger and better than you would have otherwise. Self-confidence is the cornerstone of creating a successful motivational speech that will motivate others.

Another successful motivational speech topic is feeling inspired. Students often lacked motivation at some point in their lives because they didn’t take action. When this happens, they don’t move on to the next task or idea. To get students to take action, you have to first build their confidence so they feel like they can do anything. This requires you to demonstrate that you can do it, then present your solution. Motivational speakers use a variety of tools including visuals and words to get their audiences to see how easy it is.

Leadership Skills

If you want to give an inspiring speech, one of the best approaches is to present leadership skills. Effective motivational speeches touch upon the subject of leadership, because this is one area students often lack in their lives. Students need to learn how to lead, so they can achieve success in their careers. Whether you talk about building business empires, creating successful teams, mentoring, motivating staff members, or inspiring employees, your audience needs to see examples of success.

You also have to keep things interesting. If you provide the same information for every group of people, the audience will yawn. It’s important to keep your audience interested by devising unique and interesting topics. You should also spend more time presenting information than presenting a case study or a typical sales pitch. The former is only a part of the motivational speech process and the latter is exactly what your audience wants to hear: specific examples of how you helped others become successful.


In order to give a successful motivational speech, you need to know exactly what you’re going to say before you begin speaking. Even the most experienced speakers sometimes miss key points or forget to emphasize a certain facet of the speech. If you don’t pay attention to the outline and you try to say too much, your student audience will lose interest and you will not receive the feedback you need to improve or refine your speech. To be successful, you have to take action. You must demonstrate through your actions that you are someone who is willing to help others develop their leadership skills.

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